Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Weekend in Review.

We've had so much going on since last week, I thought I would just give a little re-cap.

Last Wednesday, BFF and family were here for Thanksgiving. We were able to spend some time with them, and let the little love birds reunite. It's always so great to see them, and spend time with them, it just sucks to see them go...

Thursday, Thanksgiving day, spent time with family, stuffed our faces and fought this losing battle with the hemorrhoids that have decided to come back with this pregnancy, with a vengeance!

Saturday of course - Iron Bowl baby. We had a party with some of our friends and their kids. We thought the outcome was WONDERFUL! Some in attendance, not so much. But despite that, we had a great time. Great friends and great food. I couldn't help but think about what we did for this game every year, before the Munchkin entered our life. Boy, how things change. Although from the sounds coming from this house, that could be heard out to the street, you would never know things were more tame now. That's what you get with 5 toddlers chasing each other around the dining room table. Good times.

Sunday, went with a couple friend and their daughter to see the Bee Movie. The girls did great, sitting through the entire movie, better than I could have imagined. The Munchkin ate her weight in popcorn, and she now pretends that she and "Tooty" are bees, running around the house buzzing. Please keep in mind that Tooty is not here for these little episodes, she has a great imagination, scary in fact.

Monday, we went and got our Christmas tree and have been working on getting our house decorated.

So that's it, nothing extremely exciting. This time next week, I will have some very exciting news to report, assuming "Bebe Dos" will spread his/her legs for the nice Ultrasound Tech. Anyone want to place some bets?


Unknown said...

Which way are you feeling it? Cause generally that is the correct indication? I'm leaning another girl, simply due to your excessive nausea. Is it all over?

And, congrats on the win.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm going to root for a boy, since I know that Random Mommy's son is the only boy in the playgroup, and I believe you're part of that if I'm not crazy... Since my Little Man misses his best Friend Buddha, it'd be nice of you to make Buddha a new boy friend.

I'm a Mom!..? said...

I've always heard that about nausea and being a girl -- it was right with Munchkin. Random Mommy had a dream that it was a boy, I dreamed it was twins, one of each! Lord, help me.

I think I have finally turned the corner on the sickness, still have a few yucky days, but mostly good!

*Yankee Belle* said...

Girl. Do I win anything for being right? Trust me.

random_mommy said...

Oh yes Catwoman, let's cross our fingers for a boy! Buddha is lonely. I may be in Dallas in January... eeeeeee!