Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Not Just Turkey Week.

If you are anywhere close to the great state of Alabama, or even remotely interested in college football, you must know that not only is this the week of Thanksgiving, it's Iron Bowl week. In my opinion, the most rivaled game in college football will take place this Saturday. The game that divides friendships, families and households. The day in which you can no longer be undecided, you are either with us, or for Bama....

Who will win this game is anyone's guess. It's a game full of intense emotion on both sides, all hoping, praying, that they can walk away with the coveted "bragging rights" that will carry them on to the next year.

It's only Wednesday and I'm already nervous! Auburn is favored by 6 points, and on paper, we should win. But none of that will matter, come 7:00pm on Saturday. All of the statistics go out the window, and it's 3 hours of white knuckle, nerve racking football!

So let's get ready Auburn fans, it would be great to make it 6 in a row, and hand Bammer a season that could potentially knock them out of Bowl eligibility.



David, Maureen, Robert, Jennifer, Steven and Gregory said...

Keep in mind Auburn fans that the key word is "potentially", so don't make those t-shirts yet!!!

Unknown said...

You're so funny. I think only people who live in Bama think it's the biggest rivalry. Certainly the top 5, but not sure if it's bigger than some of the others.

My2Suns said...

Got this from a site listing top 10 NCAA rivals and thought it said a lot.
"This college football rivalry is number one as the fire, passion and hate between the two schools is unlike any other. This game literally stops a state. The teams didn't play from 1907 to 1948 because after the 1907 game, they couldn’t decide which referees to use. The trophy for this game isn't as important as the ownership of the state that comes with a win."