Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Iron Bowl 2007 Celebration

Sorry to my Bama friends, I couldn't let a 6th straight win pass with out a little something on my blog!

Senior, Quentin Groves leads this cheer after our win over Bama this past Saturday. War Damn Eagle!!!


Anonymous said...

You're totally addicted!

My kid's birthday usually falls on Superbowl weekend -- sucks for hubby.
Are you in to Pro, too?

I'm a Mom!..? said...

I am addicted to football - sadly.

I love the pros - Miami is my favorite 0-11 - Woo Hoo! It's hard to devote an entire weekend to football, so I follow it more once college is finished.

My2Suns said...

Hey Miami is dh's favorite team too! He keeps saying he is going to give up on them, but never does. I'm a Peyton Manning fan!

Keri said...