Monday, November 19, 2007

Blabber Mouth, Me?

Do you ever just have one of those Ah-ha moments, when you come to realize something about yourself, good or bad?

I had one of these moments the other night, when it was brought to my attention that I like to talk. I was having dinner with my Sister and Mom, and we were discussing why the Munchkin never stops talking, EVER! My Sister politely reminded me that she gets it honestly, as I never really stop talking either. Maybe it's my sales background, maybe it's the fact that I'm cooped up with a Toddler the majority of the day, every day, and feel the need to rattle off to anyone who will listen to, or tolerate me.

If you have been on the other end of one of these verbal vomit moments, wishing to God that I would shut the hell up, I apologize. Next time just smack me in the head and we'll call it a day.


random_mommy said...

What?!? I don't get this vibe at all! They're just quiet people so it SEEMS like you're talking a lot.

robwitham said...

Hey, look, there's no truth to the urban legend that stay at home moms (or dads, as I once was) seek to squeeze in enjoyable, intelligent, rambling, or even incoherent conversation with people not wearing bibs anytime they can find them (dinner table, doctor's office, Target aisle #26), so if I were you, I wouldn't begin to give it a second thought, since you should look at this gift you own as a unique opportunity to share the great wealth of wisdom you glean from the honesty and simplicity of daily life with those who have yet to "de-bib" themselves.

Now, if you began to stand in front of the supermarket with a sign, "Will talk for food", then there's a problem.

BTW, am I rambling?

M said...

You know I had a smartie comment to leave but the other two filled it up for me.

Seriously I feel you. Anyone who calls gets giggly spewy talk about nothing blabber girl here (kinda like my blog).

Anonymous said...

I've had phone conversations with people where I realize half an hour into it that I haven't even let them get a word in yet.

I like to think of it as a talent.

Rachel said...

I was told at age 5 by a parent that "God only gives you so many words in a lifetime, at the rate you're going you'll run out by the time you're 7"
Yep, didn't talk for 2 days. I was traumatized!!!
I feel ya honey!
Thanks for the grins.

Unknown said...

I hope your mom & sis realize the extent of your daily conversations run along the lines of "moo, quack, and baaa." Conversation with adult who understand multi syllabic words? Are reserved for the SAHM. You keep monopolizing! It's your right.

*Yankee Belle* said...

This is why I never call you on the phone. I want you to listen to me...but you want me to listen to you. We need to work on our communication. Therapy Thursdays???

Heidi Hyde said...

I think verbalization is a sign of intelligence. ;)