Wednesday, October 03, 2007


It's what I wanted to do last night when I got home and realized that my shopping bag, complete with purchases was not in my car. I went to the Gap yesterday, I literally went from my car into the store, and from the store back to my car. How the hell do you lose a shopping bag that fast?

I went looking yesterday for the Munchkin a "party dress" for her birthday this weekend, I found something really cute at Gap Kids, along with a pair of jeans that were on sale and some really cute flats, all for her. I spent $70.00. I got back and have absolutely nothing to show for it, NADA!

I am sick. I just don't do things like this, and for some reason, I've just been "off" lately. The Munchkin was throwing a fit, the lady behind the counter was giving her stickers and somewhere along the line, someone now has my stuff, receipt and all.

Not a good day.



Did you check the mall office, maybe someone turned it in?...I was outside of Kohl's one time, found someones shopping bag in one of those mall strollers...I took right back in and left it of course. Man, that really sucks...I lost a belt I purchased the same way one time. Ticks me off that there are so many dishonest people out there! All I have left to say is, Karma, Baby! What goes around comes around, whoever found it, kept it..well, let's just say it will come back to haunt them!

Unknown said...

Oh, dear. Did you call & check to see if they found it? I'm so sorry. That just sucks big donkey balls.

*Yankee Belle* said... stomach is turning for you. Double ugh.

Candice said...

I am sick for you too. I hate to pay for something and not get anything in return for it. How did you pay for it? If you paid by credit card try contacting the credit card company, usually they can help if you bought a defective item. I'm not sure if they can help in your situation but its worth a try. If you would like I could make her a dress??? I do a lot of sewing over here.

Anonymous said...

I hope you checked the store. This is Alabama, after all. Someone just may have turned it in to the cashier.

Though being retail, we really wouldn't expect them to call, even if they have it.

Uhh. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

That's awful. Did you call the store? Maybe someone brought it to them.
Come comment back to me on my blog, please.

TK said...

The good new is that you do have a reason for "losing your mind". Don't give up yet, I am sure it will come up...