Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Morning Quarterback, LSU

I guess I can't complain too much about this week's loss. I am always disappointed when we lose, but LSU is a freaking good team, ranked now, number 3 in the BCS.

We played really well in the first half, but pretty much let LSU have their way with us in the second. I hate that there was a bad call in the last minutes of the game, it always opens me up to the what if's?

We made some bad decisions late in the game, having a 1 point lead and giving them the ball with 3:21 on the clock, did not help. All in all, I've come to terms with this weeks loss, and am looking on to Ole Miss, a game we should win, they are 0-5 in the SEC, this SHOULD not be a problem!

War Damn Eagle!


random_mommy said...

Seriously, are you a man? Were you ever? Between football and your knowledge of Nascar...

I'm just sayin. You're making us idiot women look bad to our men.

TK said...

Ok, so I really didn't expect us to win against LSU, but it really sucks that we had 2 really bad referee calls that ended us costing us some points...could have been the difference, but probably not. Not blaming our loss on the refs because we played terrible in the 3rd quarter, but they were bad calls. What can you do? Nothing. Game over. On to next week.

BTW, randon_mommy's comment made me laugh out loud. Many times when reading your "Monday morning" football blogs, I have thought, man, somebody needs to put her on the payroll! :)