Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Morning Quarterback, Florida Gators.

Wow! What a game. And for the first time this season, I am actually happy to write this post, I don't have to blast my team for the first time in weeks!!!!

The first quarter was incredible. We pulled together and played like a team. It reminded me of the past few seasons when things were clicking and the players were communicating. Who knows what got into our team this past weekend, but I like it, and I hope.... pray, that there's more where that came from.

Urban Meyer, you thought you were smart trying that little icing technique on our kicker, well look where it got you, your first home field loss as Florida Head Coach. Way to go Byrum! You totally deserve your SEC player of the week honor. 43 yards and I bet you knew it was good when it left your foot!

Way to go Tigers! War Damn Eagle. You have actually given me some new found hope!

I will leave you with this beautiful site of Toomers Corner.... Brings a tear to my eye.


Unknown said...

And, obviously I hate Urban for his refusal to coach the Irish. I love to see him eat crow. Still loving this loss.

Anonymous said...

LOL! That game pissed off my hubby. He hates Florida.
I don't have clue why.

IPG said...

War Eagle! Your post was great. Loved that picture of Toomer's.

TK said...

The best part is Lou Holtz eating crow, Mr. Senator of Florida! Eat that and suckit!!

Reese Elizabeth Collier said...

It was a great game ... And FSU's win that night wasn't too bad either! :) WAR EAGLE!!