Thursday, September 06, 2007

Yakkity Yak.

I guess I should start this post by informing you about some oddities of mine.

1. I don't fly well. I am prone to motion sickness and planes rides usually do me in.

2. I don't like to take any medication unless I absolutely can't do without.

3. I don't like to vomit, especially not in front of other people. I will go to great lengths to keep from doing so. Up until this year I had not thrown up in several years. I even made it through 5 very difficult weeks of morning sickness when I was pregnant with the Munchkin without hurling.

So here we are, our plane is making it's descent into Baltimore when I feel my first wave of nausea hit. I start taking deep breathes and cursing myself for not taking my Dramamine, this was no time to be a hero. The plane lands, I haven't puked and I think things are good, until I realize I am getting very hot. I start to sweat profusely, and feel that I'm going to be really sick. Everyone is filing off the plane except for us. I'm leaning forward with my head between my legs and the very small barf bag in my hands, praying with all of my might that I can just catch my breath. The Hubby is adjusting the air to blow straight down on me, nothing is helping. Every time I think I'm going to be alright, I feel it coming. I sit back down and breathe. By this time everyone is off of the plane and the "polite" Flight Attendant is telling me that they can not hold the plane any longer, I have to go. I explain that it will be alot easier to clean up any mess that I'm about to make if it's centrally located and not scattered from the plane to the terminal. The "polite" Flight Attendant hands me a large plastic garbage bag, puts me in a wheel chair and sends me on my way!


I begin to feel better as I get to the next gate. Hubby goes directly to the gift shop to purchase enough Dramamine to cover the remaining leg of our flight and the trip home.

What was I thinking?


Candice said...

How awful. I'm so sorry you got sick. I hope it didn't last long.

J said...

Ugh, girl I feel you. I get carsick and it's terrible. That wave of heat and then mouth-watering - yuck! I would do almost anything than to have to deal with that! So sorry! At least it's over ;)

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry. You may have missed my earlier post about how I get everything sick & I, too, am SOO not okay with vomit. I am very proud of you for even attempting flying! I stopped flying over ten years ago, because I despite loving the idea of other places, I just COULD NOT do the ride...ever again! BiG pRoPs from me, because I truly know how it feels...and you are so much better for going through it.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's horrible. I hope the dramamine kicked in. (I did like the name of the post, though).