Sunday, September 30, 2007

No Rest For the Weary.

We have had a really busy few days. Getting up early and getting home and in bed pretty late. Yesterday we went to our friends house to watch some football (War Damn Eagle, by the way). We got home and got Munchkin in bed a little after 11:00pm.

Hubby put her down, I headed down stairs to put on my jammies and cuddle up with a little Sports Center before getting what I thought might be a good night sleep, with a chance of sleeping in the this morning. Just as I was dozing off, beginning to dream of my team beating the Florida Gators, great passing, great tackling, and our eye candy quarter back, Brandon Cox... I hear screaming, is it Auburn fans screaming with delight? No, maybe Gator fans, definitely not happy screams, who invited you into my dreams anyway? Shoo! Wait, why are they saying Mama? Must. Wake. Up...... I look at the clock, it's 12:08am, I look at the monitor it's Munchkin, screaming her head off. Usually she will go back to sleep but after 10 minutes of listening to her get louder, I head up to check on her. We rock, she screams, I'm falling asleep in the rocking chair and make a momentary lapse in judgment, wouldn't we be more comfortable in the bed?

Hubby and I have always had a rule about the Munchkin sleeping in our bed, we just don't do it, except on a few rare occasions like traveling or sometimes when he's out of town. It was just a habit we never wanted to start. For this reason, the Munchkin does not understand how to share a bed. She likes to throw herself over me, stick her feet in my ribs, sit up, lay down, roll around.... So as it approaches 2:00 am I find myself clinging to the sliver that is now my sleep space. Did I mention drunk ass Hubby has barely even stirred during all of this! Except for when I thumped him on the head to let him know not to roll over and suffocate her, he snorted, I took that as acknoweledgement.

So we did manage to sleep until 8:45 this morning, but I wouldn't say rested is how I feel today. Here's hoping for a better night tonight!


Unknown said...

Wow. She stayed up until 11? I can't even stay up til 11. I fell asleep during the 4th Qtr with the score tied. Woke up & checked scores. Not sure how Tigers are Eagles? You crazy SECers, but War Eagle, I guess. So happy you won...posted that in a comment earlier (before you did this post), cause our Florida friends needed a dose of reality!

TK said...

Suddenly I am having Deja Vu. Only this time our beloved AU tigers beat a #4 ranked team instead of scraping by against an unranked team. Ahhh, good times... BYW, WAR DAMN EAGLE! said...

I wish I didnt let my kids sleep with us when they were little. My youngest is now 2 and having his feet in my face every morning is NOT how I wanted to wake up lol.

Why is it they do 360s when they sleep !?

Anonymous said...

About the friendship post:

It's a strange feeling, but sometimes friends out grow eachother. It is wrong to try to force the relationship. Simply letting it fade away is perfectly fine. You never meant to hurt your friend. If you keep going back and forth agruing -- it just keeps hurting both of you. Just let it fade away.