Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Morning Quarterback, New Mexico State

Finally! A perfect Saturday, and yes, I'm enjoying it thoroughly as it will probably be the last one for this season! Auburn beats New Mexico State 55-20 and Bammer loses to Georgia in overtime, ahhhhh how I miss the last few seasons.

Don't let the Auburn score fool you, while we did seem to pull our heads out of our ass for the second half of that game, the first half left a lot to be desired. With no AU defense present, NMS was able to pretty much match us score for score until being shut down entirely in the second half. Listen to what I am telling you Auburn, you will not win another game this year if you let these teams jump up on us and score the way they have been. We are heading into tough SEC play and these teams will not lay down in the second half, they will only embarrass us by putting even more points on the board until the score looks like something you see in basketball.

So Auburn is headed for the swamp to take on the Gators, what can I say here? Dead team walking? I want to be more optimistic, but I am also a realist and Florida is favored by 18 1/2 points. This could be very ugly.

On a side note.... Where were all of my phone calls, emails and text messages this week? I have been getting quite the healthy dose from the Bammer fans each weekend but for some reason all has been quiet... Hmmm.


J said...

We were busy watching a real football game. Hugs!

I'm a Mom!..? said...

I love you!