Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Monday Morning Quarterback, Mississippi State

Another week, another loss, another five turnovers, count em’ F-I-V-E turnovers. The worst part? Mississippi State is actually so bad that we actually almost won the game. What does that say about us?

Well I actually have a lot that I could say about us, but this week I’m on vacation, trying to “de-stress” and my access to internet is limited making it difficult to double check my statistics. So I will go with this….

Mississippi State is one of those teams that I loathe almost as much as UAT……… almost. Their fans are downright mean, and the cowbells alone are enough to drive anyone insane. To think that we lost our SEC opener to this team is absolutely depressing.

Something else that is depressing and disappointing is the way our own fans handled the decision to put Brandon Cox back in the game after the miserable start he had. I mean really? Booing your own players? It’s reminiscent of the “boo birds” heard so frequently at Bryant Denny stadium during the Shula, Duboise, Curry, Perkins, hell, anyone who isn’t The Bear eras. I’ve been known to drop an F-bomb at the TV, but booing your team is in poor taste no matter who you are. We’re better than that, let’s act like it.

Maybe it’s time we get back to basics, you know, things like completing passes, and making some tackles. Maybe a few less turnovers, and senseless penalties. Just because the Quarterback is a 6 year senior, does not mean he is an automatic for the starting position. True freshman, Cody Burns came out and rocked it, it was the best couple of series we’ve had this season. So he’s young, doesn’t know the playbook or the Offense that well, he will, and so far I like what I see.

The silver lining? We’ve got a very promising Quarterback, and lots of freshman. In the past two years we have graduated the team that for the past five years spoiled us, the team that put us on top and won us favor in the eyes of the media.

Looks like it’s a rebuilding year for us, and nothing more. I think we will be lucky at this point to have a winning season.

Enjoy it Bammer, you’re back on top!


Unknown said...

Yes. And, at our house the fact that Hub's team STILL has not scored a single touchdown, is NOT AT ALL A PROBLEM.......right! It's their rebuild year, too. Hope you guys win this next week!

Anonymous said...

I don't know crap about football, but I don't think it was a good weekend for the Vols either. My husband sulked most of the evening.

Serina Hope said...

Oh..ouch. I am a Mississippi State alum. I am a fan, in the not so involved way, but still...oh the pain of this. I have never owned a cow bell... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I know I posted a comment on this yesterday!