Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Good Time Had By All....

We had such a great time visiting BFF and Agent B. It's only when we are around them, that we realize how much we miss them. They have been gone for about 3 years now and although we talk pretty much weekly, I still feel like we miss out on so much, especially watching the kids grow up.

Our plane landed just in time for us to get to the house, grill some burgers and watch the Auburn game (don't get me started, I will have plenty of time to blog about our piss-poor playing, tackling and quarterback who reminded me of one Brody Croyle with 5 sacks)

On Sunday we got a sitter for the kiddies and headed out for some adult time.. meaning me and BFF driving our drunk ass husbands around town. We went to this fantastic restaurant and bar called the Bier Garden, it's authentic German Cuisine and they have something like 3oo "biers" on the menu, most you can't even purchase here in Birmingham because of the alcohol content. Free the Hops, baby!! The boys started out with a very thick, dark beer with 13% alcohol, went to one with 8% and finished the night with one that was 10%. They were drunker than a waltzing piss ant. We had been to a party before dinner where there were kegs, no telling how much they had there.

To give you an idea. Hubby decided to drunk dial my Grandmother. My family is full-on German, Mom born in Berlin. He thought that since we were enjoying this fine German food and bier, he should share with her our experience, so he called her.

Next, the boys thought that they should give their compliments to the owner and insisted that our Server, our poor Server should go and find the little old lady that owns the restaurant and bring her to us. She did, and they proceeded to tell her how much they enjoyed her establishment, they literally said that, about 12 times... Each!

On the way home, they (the boys) thought it wise to open the to go box full of leftover sauerkraut, and sausages and proceed to eat it with their hands in the back seat of the car. BFF and I were practically gagging in the front seat and had to roll the windows down in order to breathe, this made us freeze, so we turned on the heat, drunk boys did not appreciate the heat wave and got pissy... Ahhhh drunk Hubbys, gotta love them.

On Monday we hit the pool at their Country Club (they're hoity toity like that.. totally kidding) for a grill out, swimming and an explosive diaper that almost shut the pool down.

Tuesday it was time to come home, too soon, as always. We had such a great time and wish we could have stayed longer. BFF if you are reading this, I love you dearly and miss you guys every day!! Your box is in the mail!

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TK said...

Ahhh, how we miss hanging out with you guys, even if the night does end in the hubby's usual drunkin stuper! It was great hanging out with all 3 of you! Elizabeth is just precious! BTW, you will have a package coming soon. Cole found E's magnetic board. It was in his book box in the sunroon. Can't wait to do it again soon. We love you guys!!