Sunday, September 30, 2007

No Rest For the Weary.

We have had a really busy few days. Getting up early and getting home and in bed pretty late. Yesterday we went to our friends house to watch some football (War Damn Eagle, by the way). We got home and got Munchkin in bed a little after 11:00pm.

Hubby put her down, I headed down stairs to put on my jammies and cuddle up with a little Sports Center before getting what I thought might be a good night sleep, with a chance of sleeping in the this morning. Just as I was dozing off, beginning to dream of my team beating the Florida Gators, great passing, great tackling, and our eye candy quarter back, Brandon Cox... I hear screaming, is it Auburn fans screaming with delight? No, maybe Gator fans, definitely not happy screams, who invited you into my dreams anyway? Shoo! Wait, why are they saying Mama? Must. Wake. Up...... I look at the clock, it's 12:08am, I look at the monitor it's Munchkin, screaming her head off. Usually she will go back to sleep but after 10 minutes of listening to her get louder, I head up to check on her. We rock, she screams, I'm falling asleep in the rocking chair and make a momentary lapse in judgment, wouldn't we be more comfortable in the bed?

Hubby and I have always had a rule about the Munchkin sleeping in our bed, we just don't do it, except on a few rare occasions like traveling or sometimes when he's out of town. It was just a habit we never wanted to start. For this reason, the Munchkin does not understand how to share a bed. She likes to throw herself over me, stick her feet in my ribs, sit up, lay down, roll around.... So as it approaches 2:00 am I find myself clinging to the sliver that is now my sleep space. Did I mention drunk ass Hubby has barely even stirred during all of this! Except for when I thumped him on the head to let him know not to roll over and suffocate her, he snorted, I took that as acknoweledgement.

So we did manage to sleep until 8:45 this morning, but I wouldn't say rested is how I feel today. Here's hoping for a better night tonight!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Goin' Through The Big "D"

No, no marital problems, before you even have a stroke.... This is a divorce of a different kind. A friendship.

My best friend from high school (who happens to be a guy) married a girl about 5 or 6 years ago. Someone that I would not have been friends with under any other circumstances. I don't mean that in a bad way, we are, and have always been EXTREMELY different people. Night and Day. The only thing that we really had in common was that she was marrying my best friend.

We have had some great times throughout the years, bar hopping, traveling together, drunken sleepovers, she even worked for me for a little while, before having their first child, who is 2 years older than Munchkin. She quit to be a SAHM, I continued to work, with no plans for babies in the near future. Even after having their first child, we remained close, but something changed after I had the Munchkin. It all just started going down hill. We talked less, we saw each other even less than that. We thought maybe it was because we lived on really opposite ends of town, but when we moved in closer it didn't help.

She had her 2nd child in June, the day that we did back to back closings on the houses. I was not able to get to the hospital to see them until late that night, and the months following were hectic with repair people coming and going, keeping me busy trying to get the new house livable. This caused some serious resentment on her part that festered until this spring. We had not talked since December when she found out about my miscarriage, and called wanting us to get together to clear the air.

This seemed like a good idea, until I walked into a hornets nest of pettiness. She wanted me to come up with a list of everything she had ever done that bothered me, she was doing the same.. I had some serious stuff on my "list", she complained that I didn't have pictures of her kids on my fridge. All of the sudden my stuff seemed way too involved and I was afraid to bring it up, not wanting to cause any more hurt feelings. So we said our peace, said we would do better and went on our way. Only I was too uncomfortable to be around her, knowing everything I did was going to be scrutinized, and would be subject for another discussion later on. I made a few phone calls, invited them to a couple of things and let it go.

I got an email a couple of weeks ago, telling me again how much I had hurt her feelings and what I was doing wrong. I sent back an email being completely honest, making a few harsh observations about how different we are, and why I was choosing to distance myself from her... Then it was on!!! She retaliated by attacking me for things I had done or said over 4 years ago, putting me on a guilt trip talking about tragedies and how I would regret it if anything ever happened to her or her family, knowing I chose to throw this friendship away.

This I don't need. It's absurd to think that every little thing I ever say or do wrong will be thrown back in my face - even if I have apologized for it. You have to move on, already.

This is all new to me and seems like it's been handled terribly. I never like to burn bridges, and the days of Jr High are gone when you would just take back all of your New Kids on the Block stuff, and write bad things about each other in yearbooks.

How are you supposed to handle a break up as an adult? Should you weed people out of your life if they aren't "good" for you? I don't feel the need, at the age of 32, to try and reinvent myself into something that will please this one person. I have friends and family that seem to like me the way that I am. Are there things that I can improve on? Absolutely, but a complete overhaul is not something I'm up for, I'm happy with me, my family, friends and where we are in our lives.

Isn't that all that matters?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Wordless" Wednesday

This most likely will not be a weekly installment to my blog, as I rarely find myself wordless. I just happen to be fresh off of a beach trip with some really cute pictures!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Internet Woes

How does it know? How does it always manage to crap out on me when I need it most?

I am in the process of trying to plan a birthday party. Translation: Frantically scouring the Internet for last minute ideas, items and gifts for this festive occasion. Of course, I set aside naptime yesterday to finish my Monday blog, and get to ordering some things, only one problem, no Internet. Damn you Charter, have I told you lately that I hate you?

I started planning this party in August because I knew I would be gone a lot in September, how is it possible that I have done nothing but invitations? And that's half ass, because I still have some to send out and since we are doing a joint party with Yankee Belle, she took up my slack on the ones that have been mailed.

I thought it would be cute to do the custom M & M's as part of our goodie bags, 50 freaking dollars for the minimum order!!!! Um, no. So now, I have no ideas and I'm running out of time! Help me!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Morning Quarterback, New Mexico State

Finally! A perfect Saturday, and yes, I'm enjoying it thoroughly as it will probably be the last one for this season! Auburn beats New Mexico State 55-20 and Bammer loses to Georgia in overtime, ahhhhh how I miss the last few seasons.

Don't let the Auburn score fool you, while we did seem to pull our heads out of our ass for the second half of that game, the first half left a lot to be desired. With no AU defense present, NMS was able to pretty much match us score for score until being shut down entirely in the second half. Listen to what I am telling you Auburn, you will not win another game this year if you let these teams jump up on us and score the way they have been. We are heading into tough SEC play and these teams will not lay down in the second half, they will only embarrass us by putting even more points on the board until the score looks like something you see in basketball.

So Auburn is headed for the swamp to take on the Gators, what can I say here? Dead team walking? I want to be more optimistic, but I am also a realist and Florida is favored by 18 1/2 points. This could be very ugly.

On a side note.... Where were all of my phone calls, emails and text messages this week? I have been getting quite the healthy dose from the Bammer fans each weekend but for some reason all has been quiet... Hmmm.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm Back and I'm So Behind

We just got back from vacation, we had a blast! We spent an entire week at the beach, lounging, playing in the sand, swimming in the pool and eating at some fantastic restaurants.

My access to internet was pretty much nil. It seemed strange at first to lay the Munchkin down for her nap everyday and not head to the computer to surf, blog and comment on other blogs. But some how I managed, I took naps almost everyday, and even spent some quiet "me" time alone at the pool while Hubby stayed at the house. Very nice.

So it's back to reality, back to the laundry and housework. But on the flip side, we are back to our friends that we missed while we were gone, the Munchkin is going to be so glad to see her B, Tooty and Buddha!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Monday Morning Quarterback, Mississippi State

Another week, another loss, another five turnovers, count em’ F-I-V-E turnovers. The worst part? Mississippi State is actually so bad that we actually almost won the game. What does that say about us?

Well I actually have a lot that I could say about us, but this week I’m on vacation, trying to “de-stress” and my access to internet is limited making it difficult to double check my statistics. So I will go with this….

Mississippi State is one of those teams that I loathe almost as much as UAT……… almost. Their fans are downright mean, and the cowbells alone are enough to drive anyone insane. To think that we lost our SEC opener to this team is absolutely depressing.

Something else that is depressing and disappointing is the way our own fans handled the decision to put Brandon Cox back in the game after the miserable start he had. I mean really? Booing your own players? It’s reminiscent of the “boo birds” heard so frequently at Bryant Denny stadium during the Shula, Duboise, Curry, Perkins, hell, anyone who isn’t The Bear eras. I’ve been known to drop an F-bomb at the TV, but booing your team is in poor taste no matter who you are. We’re better than that, let’s act like it.

Maybe it’s time we get back to basics, you know, things like completing passes, and making some tackles. Maybe a few less turnovers, and senseless penalties. Just because the Quarterback is a 6 year senior, does not mean he is an automatic for the starting position. True freshman, Cody Burns came out and rocked it, it was the best couple of series we’ve had this season. So he’s young, doesn’t know the playbook or the Offense that well, he will, and so far I like what I see.

The silver lining? We’ve got a very promising Quarterback, and lots of freshman. In the past two years we have graduated the team that for the past five years spoiled us, the team that put us on top and won us favor in the eyes of the media.

Looks like it’s a rebuilding year for us, and nothing more. I think we will be lucky at this point to have a winning season.

Enjoy it Bammer, you’re back on top!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Move Bitch, Get Out The Way!

While shopping at the mall today, this lady, albeit elderly stepped right out in front of my stroller. It infuriates me when people do not pay attention to on coming traffic and leave no room for me to pass by with the Munchkin.

Have no fear! The Munchkin Beeped at her. A loud and obvious, BEEP! BEEP!

That's my girl!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monday Morning Quarterback, South Florida

Okay, so technically it's Tuesday and for reasons I will explain at a later date I haven't been real up to date on my posts, reading or commenting.... I will be back in the swing of things soon!

Were we the only ones that were completely disgusted at the way our beloved Auburn Tigers played this past weekend? In all honestly we deserved to loose that game. Turning the ball over 5 times is no way to win. We saw this alot in our season opener, which we probably should have lost as well, but by some miracle were able to turn that one around. We can't seem to communicate, it's almost as if these players have never played together, missed tackles left and right.

There is absolutely no way we are going to be able to pull out wins over teams like LSU and Georgia if we don't make some changes. You can not get down 14 - 3 in the first quarter, continue to play like ass and hope it's all going to fall into to place.

Oh and Coach, what the hell kind of boneheaded move was it to take that game into overtime? We don't do well in overtime, they were/are undefeated.

Cox, slow down, trust your players to make some plays, don't feel like you have to be the hero.

Fannin, 62 yards and a touchdown is great, but if you can't hold onto the ball, it makes no difference.

Coach, the first six possessions of the second half, fumble, punt, fumble, fumble, punt, interception. Do I really need to say more?

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Freeing My Radicals

Have you seen the new commercial with my girl Jennifer Garner selling Neutrogena? I'm such a sucker, I went out and bought the line. If my JG is pushing it, it must be good stuff right? Her skin is awesome and in just 2 short weeks I will look just like her, isn't that what the ad said? Who knew it was this easy.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

5-0 Bitches!!

To all of my friends that are Alabama fans, I will apologize to you now, this does not apply to you...

What is it with these redneck Alabama fans? I do not walk around spewing verbal vomit at you about how much I hate your team. I may have been named by some of our friends as The Worlds Most Obnoxious Auburn Fan, but I will never harass you unprovoked in the grocery store line.

Tonight, I ran up to the store to get a couple of things before the game started. I was of course wearing my Auburn shirt and hat. While standing in the line, the Cashier, who is wearing a Crimson Tide T-shirt, tells me I should go get in line with her sister over there, pointing to another Cashier wearing an Auburn shirt. I look over and smile, then the man in front of me turns around and decides to join in on the fun. Telling me I should figure it out and change my colors, again I smile. He continues on, asking if I would ever learn..and some other bull shit that I was trying very hard to ignore. Finally after listening to them snicker and blab on, I said, "I'm sorry, am I making you uncomfortable? You want me to learn what? How to beat you for a sixth time in a row? "War Eagle Sir."

As he was walking away, he turned and said, "Oh no she didn't just say they were going to beat us again this year," "Yes sir," I say again, "War Eagle" He laughs and heads out of the store. My first thought was to tackle him from behind and beat him over the head with my People Magazine. Realizing that would be both ineffective and considered assault, I hold my place in line.

F - You, Mother F'er!!!! I HATE ALABAMA..... YOU SUCK! Have a little bit of class. Is that even possible? I was just standing there, minding my own business, trying to buy my milk and skinny cows. Grrrr... Go to hell.

A Good Time Had By All....

We had such a great time visiting BFF and Agent B. It's only when we are around them, that we realize how much we miss them. They have been gone for about 3 years now and although we talk pretty much weekly, I still feel like we miss out on so much, especially watching the kids grow up.

Our plane landed just in time for us to get to the house, grill some burgers and watch the Auburn game (don't get me started, I will have plenty of time to blog about our piss-poor playing, tackling and quarterback who reminded me of one Brody Croyle with 5 sacks)

On Sunday we got a sitter for the kiddies and headed out for some adult time.. meaning me and BFF driving our drunk ass husbands around town. We went to this fantastic restaurant and bar called the Bier Garden, it's authentic German Cuisine and they have something like 3oo "biers" on the menu, most you can't even purchase here in Birmingham because of the alcohol content. Free the Hops, baby!! The boys started out with a very thick, dark beer with 13% alcohol, went to one with 8% and finished the night with one that was 10%. They were drunker than a waltzing piss ant. We had been to a party before dinner where there were kegs, no telling how much they had there.

To give you an idea. Hubby decided to drunk dial my Grandmother. My family is full-on German, Mom born in Berlin. He thought that since we were enjoying this fine German food and bier, he should share with her our experience, so he called her.

Next, the boys thought that they should give their compliments to the owner and insisted that our Server, our poor Server should go and find the little old lady that owns the restaurant and bring her to us. She did, and they proceeded to tell her how much they enjoyed her establishment, they literally said that, about 12 times... Each!

On the way home, they (the boys) thought it wise to open the to go box full of leftover sauerkraut, and sausages and proceed to eat it with their hands in the back seat of the car. BFF and I were practically gagging in the front seat and had to roll the windows down in order to breathe, this made us freeze, so we turned on the heat, drunk boys did not appreciate the heat wave and got pissy... Ahhhh drunk Hubbys, gotta love them.

On Monday we hit the pool at their Country Club (they're hoity toity like that.. totally kidding) for a grill out, swimming and an explosive diaper that almost shut the pool down.

Tuesday it was time to come home, too soon, as always. We had such a great time and wish we could have stayed longer. BFF if you are reading this, I love you dearly and miss you guys every day!! Your box is in the mail!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Munchkin and Her Man

We haven't officially set a wedding date yet, but the time will come for these two little love birds. Over the long weekend these 2 shared, lots of kisses, hugs, snacks and fits.

Here they are on their first date at the beach. Waving at the waves of the Atlantic ocean before heading off to the DQ for some ice cream. They were heavily chaperoned, of course!

Lil' Pimp making his move...

And yes, that is the Munchkin sitting in the SAND!!! I couldn't believe it!

Yakkity Yak.

I guess I should start this post by informing you about some oddities of mine.

1. I don't fly well. I am prone to motion sickness and planes rides usually do me in.

2. I don't like to take any medication unless I absolutely can't do without.

3. I don't like to vomit, especially not in front of other people. I will go to great lengths to keep from doing so. Up until this year I had not thrown up in several years. I even made it through 5 very difficult weeks of morning sickness when I was pregnant with the Munchkin without hurling.

So here we are, our plane is making it's descent into Baltimore when I feel my first wave of nausea hit. I start taking deep breathes and cursing myself for not taking my Dramamine, this was no time to be a hero. The plane lands, I haven't puked and I think things are good, until I realize I am getting very hot. I start to sweat profusely, and feel that I'm going to be really sick. Everyone is filing off the plane except for us. I'm leaning forward with my head between my legs and the very small barf bag in my hands, praying with all of my might that I can just catch my breath. The Hubby is adjusting the air to blow straight down on me, nothing is helping. Every time I think I'm going to be alright, I feel it coming. I sit back down and breathe. By this time everyone is off of the plane and the "polite" Flight Attendant is telling me that they can not hold the plane any longer, I have to go. I explain that it will be alot easier to clean up any mess that I'm about to make if it's centrally located and not scattered from the plane to the terminal. The "polite" Flight Attendant hands me a large plastic garbage bag, puts me in a wheel chair and sends me on my way!


I begin to feel better as I get to the next gate. Hubby goes directly to the gift shop to purchase enough Dramamine to cover the remaining leg of our flight and the trip home.

What was I thinking?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Happy Football Day Everyone!!!

I couldn't let this day pass without a big WAR EAGLE to you all!

This marks the beginning of my favorite time of year, fall. It's going to go by way too fast, like always. So buckle up and enjoy the ride!


Leaving on a Jet Plane........Hopefully!

We are supposed to be leaving out to visit our friends in VA. This will be the first time for the Munchkin to fly and all everyone has said is to make sure you have her birth certificate. We chose not to buy her a seat, because

1. She would most likely be in my lap the entire time anyway, and

2. We are extremely cheap, she won't be two until October so we are taking advantage.

So as we were reminded by all of our friends and the airline, DON'T.FORGET.BIRTH.CERTIFICATE. We made notes, mental notes, written notes, email notes and, note - notes.

Guess What? We don't have her birth certificate. Major SNAFU. We applied for her passport about 6 weeks ago and it was sent off with the pass port application.

Hubby called the airline and told them that we had the paper work we submitted to get her birth certificate, and they said that should be fine, should be.