Friday, August 24, 2007

Why Is It?

I held a meet and greet today for some ladies that have been wanting to join the Mommies Group that I organize. We typically do this at a local mall, it's easy, rain or shine, plenty of room and we have the food court so not everyone has to agree on what to eat.

I was hoping that I would also be able to do a little shopping while I was there (another plus for doing it at the mall) Lots of stores are having big sales right now, and I need a few things for the beach. The problem was that the Munchkin had different plans for me, why does it always happen this way? You have the time, you have the money and your child has to chose that day to act like a little shit?

Here's the rundown:

1. While talking with the other Mommies, the Munchkin sat quietly in her stroller while dumping her entire sippy cup onto her shirt.

2. Flipped out of stroller onto head. Okay, this might have been my fault for not strapping her in for the "short" walk over to Chick Fil A. But seriously, who feels the need to stick their head between their legs while riding in a moving object?

3. Pooped right after we all got our food and sat down to eat.

4. Screamed like I was trying to kill her while changing diaper in less than perfect conditions. Stupid changing station was right over the garbage can and would not fold down completely, Munchkin was practically upside down, maybe I deserved that.

5. Screamed like a Banshee when we returned to table of women I just met. Would not eat anything, except for "pop-pop" (lollipop) leading to...

6. Making me look like a terrible Mom who only feeds her child Dum-Dums for lunch.

7. Tried to steal clothes from the Gap. Thank goodness I noticed the little Klepto's bundle of shirts before getting out of the store.

SERIOUSLY.. At this point you think I would have called it a day, right? Nope!

8. Knocked over end cap of cookies at grocery store because she refused to take off her sunglasses and couldn't see where she was going and wouldn't hold my hand.

9. Allowed me to get completely soaked while trying to buckle her in her seat and talk her out of a tantrum.

My nerves are shot.. I need an adult beverage. Best part? Date night, I'm leaving her with my sister and I won't be looking back!


*Yankee Belle* said...

It is VERY comforting to know that this happens to others...NOT JUST me.

J said...

Ewwwohhh...I'm sorry. I think they're all in their prime right now.

MommaDrool said...

Both of mine have a little alarm that goes off whenever I sit down to eat that signals them to poop their pants (at the same time and always in public)...I feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

Amen, Sister! Date night is phenominal and I hope you enjoyed your drink(s).

And by the way, the other mom's kids act like that too. But shhh, don't tell them :)

Anonymous said...

You think she's fun now, just wait until she's about 2 1/2. Ugggghhh.

Punkin's been kicking my ass here lately!

Candice said...

Again Blue Momma wrote my comment for me. With my sister's kid, the behavior topped out around 3 years. We haven't made it there yet but I'm praying that it gets better soon. Good Luck with yours and know that you are not alone. I find screaming into a pillow works well. Sometimes I forget the pillow though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would have been running away to date night laughing HYSTERICALLY at that point!

Hopefully those other moms also have toddlers and understand instead of little blobs (a.k.a. infants) who only lay there and spit up ever so often and won't understand for another 1.5 years what we go through!

I'm a Mom!..? said...

There were a couple of Toddlers, but go figure, they were actually sitting in their little seats behaving!!!