Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Whew! It's Only Peanut Butter

While the Munchkin was (not) napping in her room this afternoon, I decided to tackle some much needed housework. I have fallen off of the cleaning wagon, and I'm desperately trying to right myself before the laundry gets up and walks itself to the washing machine.. Although that would be nice, wouldn't it?

While prepping my floors to be mopped (sweeping and swiffering.) I noticed this brown smudge on the laundry room doors. I like to think I keep a relatively clean house, and that something like this must not have been there too long, or I would have noticed. Of course my first thought is that it looks an awful lot like poo. I then happen to notice the same smudge on the kitchen door, door frame and knob. I'm thinking this is bad, very bad! The Munchkin has been going through this phase where she likes to let her hands "hang out" down the back of her diaper, not really doing anything, just resting, so I of course thought the worst. I went to get a paper towel to examine the unidentifiable substance, I couldn't tell by sight alone, so I had to resort to the sniff test..... Don't act like you've never done this!

Thankfully, it was without a doubt, peanut butter! I thought I was going to have to break all of my new "green" rules and whip out the clorox for some hard core cleaning!

Now my only questions is this, what stupid Mommy let her child walk around the house eating a PB&J? Oh right, me, the one who was too tired to fight about sitting at the table to eat lunch. Some days you just have to give, even if means wiping peanut butter off of your walls!


J said...

Sure it was only peanut butter. You just don't want us to find anymore that you might have missed!

Anonymous said...

Right now, my bed has a puddle of whole milk drying in the middle of it. Odds are it will not be changed until my usual sheet changing day of Sunday, because really? I can't be bothered to mess with it and it is ONLY milk. Right? :)

All because it seemed easier to let my Little Man watch Jojo's Circus on our bed while he ate breakfast so I didn't fight him, since I had to be at work early and just did not have time to deal with a pissy toddler.

I'm a Mom!..? said...

That sounds just like us, only it's that little bald boy Caillou that she watches...

Candice said...

Abby is obsessed with Calliou. I can do practically again thing while she is watching this. She is glued to the tv and will not move. I think it is a cute little show.

When Abby was little, she loved JoJo's Circus. I think that I liked it more than her but she did the same thing, just sits there and watches it. Except she couldn't really move around as much.

Anyway, enough of that, Thank God it was just peanut butter. I would have been really grossed out to find the other thing.