Friday, August 03, 2007

Want to Meet John Mayer?

Um.. Hell Yes?

So, I get this email from the Local-83 Listeners Union, a.k.a Fan Club. (Yes, I'm 12) Of course it gets my attention. Evidently because I purchased my tickets through Local-83, I'm in the running to get tickets for an "Eat & Greet" (I won't go there, people..)

Anyway, to improve your chances of winning these passes, the chat room on his site just hosted a trivia game. I logged on to try my hand and I must say that I didn't know shit. Is it so bad that I just love HIM, his music and his talent? Why must I know what color sweat shirt he was wearing in a video? How would you see a video anyway? My MTV doesn't play those anymore.

Is it sad that I was probably the oldest one in that chat room by at least 10 years? And my almost 2 year old will tell you "John {pause} Murrrrrr" when asked: Who is Mommy's Boyfriend? I really should get a life.

Flashbacks of New Kids on the Block are coming back to me now, although, at the time I would have kicked all your asses when asked trivia about them, me and Joey were going to marry, have 3 kids... Do you see a pattern here?

I would have a total "Johngasim" if my phone rang to tell me I had won. Seriously, I might actually die, like, OhmyGod!

Alright, you get the point!


Anonymous said...

NEVER will I live long enough to forget my first (and only) New Kids concert. That rivaled only the Jackson 5 concert I went to.

Gotta love the 80's!

Anonymous said...

You had me 100 percent convinced you were going to marry Joey M.