Sunday, August 05, 2007

Goodbye My Love!

So another rendezvous has come and gone, and my man did not disappoint. He opened with his song "Belief" and went straight into "Bigger than My Body". Other songs from the set list included: "Waiting on the World to Change", "Neon", "Good Love is on the Way" and many more, before ending with an encore of, "Your Body is a Wonderland", and "I'm gonna find another You"

It was another brief encounter, he begged me to come with him, I of course, thinking about what life would be like for the Munchkin on the road, had to decline.

So I will anxiously await his return and the release of any and all new music he has planned.

Good Bye John! My heart will be with you until we meet again!


J said...

Ok, you've officially crossed over into stalker land.

*Yankee Belle* said...

You could pretend hubby is John. Nahhhhhhhh. ;)