Saturday, August 11, 2007

Family Fan Day

With only 3 weeks left until Auburn Football, we decided to head on down to the "Loveliest Little Village on the Plains" for a day of stalking the elusive team mascot, Aubie. We've been trying to get a picture of him with the Munchkin for a while now and heard that he would be participating in the annual Fan Day, held at the Coliseum.

So off we went.

The Wait........

The Reward.... How awesome is this???

Good times had by all. War Eagle!


Unknown said...

ROLL TIDE!!! Okay, now that I said that, I'm jealous. I've wanted pics of Reagan and Zach with Big AL forever. I hope to get them this year.

*Yankee Belle* said...

Despite the mascot and colors, I am loving this pic!

J said...

Indeed! Despite the obvious lack of color coordination whilst picking the colors, Munchkin supercedes all of that with such a precious picture!