Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Buyers Remorse.

I thought with the boyfriend coming into town this weekend, it would be nice to have something new to wear for the occasion. He's pretty much seen me in everything else and it's been almost a year since he's been through town anyway, I deserve a sassy new top, right?

I went out looking last night and nothing really struck me except how expensive things seem to be now. It's hard to believe that I actually paid these prices for clothes before the Munchkin was born. Where are those clothes now, anyway? So, I left empty handed.

I was across town today and remembered that a girl I know owns a really cute boutique, so I thought I would stop in and see what she had. The good thing about buying from a boutique is, you probably won't run into someone wearing the exact same thing, don't you hate that?

As soon as I walked in, she greeted me, loved on the Munchkin and asked what I was looking for. She started pulling cute stuff off the racks and filling the dressing room, never once asking my size but getting them all right, and I pretty much loved everything she offered me. How can you not want to buy that kind of service?

Of course the top that I liked the most was the most expensive, go figure! So, I put that one out of my mind and went for the one that was actually on sale, only to find that it had a small, pin hole in the sleeve and she didn't have anymore in my size. Again, go figure. So I settled on the one that I also really liked, that was priced in between the two, but still more than what I should have spent. It's cute, it's cute on, and it makes my boobs look good. What's not to love?.... The price! I won't mention it here as my "Financial Adviser" may be reading and he's better off in the dark on this one. Trust me.

So all afternoon, I've been regretting the decision I made, thinking of all the things I could have bought for the Munchkin, or me for that matter. But I'm stuck now, I can't take something back to a place where I know the owner, how embarrassing!

Let's just hope that my hotty, hot, hottness when wearing this new top will outweigh the immense feeling of guilt, knowing that the Munchkin will not be getting her new pair of Vincents this month!


Little Red's Momma said...

Hey, you gotta spoil yourself every once in awhile. JM will be SO impressed !!!

random_mommy said...

sell it to me when you're done!

and you must buy the vincent's... you discovered 'em.

*Tanyetta* said...

ditto what little red's momma said!

AlliT said...

Who doesn't like a nice shirt.. And speaking as someone who *does* have LARGE trouble in the boobage area, it is always nice to find a good lookin' shirt.. No matter the cost..

BTW... I went to college in North AL and lived outside H'ville for a couple of years... I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN WHEN YOU SAY NO MORE MILO'S.......AAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH, the pain... I miss that yummy stuff - the tea the most.. But I do buy it by the gallon when I go home to southern TN.. :-)