Sunday, July 29, 2007


This weekend has been all family, all weekend, and it's been terrific!

Hubby took a much needed day off on Friday, and we headed down the the McWane Center to explore a place none of us had been to....I know, bad parents, bad citizens of Birmingham. I must say that I was completely blown away, I was actually impressed. Birmingham has done something right, and it rocks. The Munchkin had a blast and I was informed that we completely missed an entire level of fun, I'm not even sure we could have handled much more, we were starving and exhausted after 2 1/2 hours there.

We headed over to a local pizza place for some lunch, Davenports in Mountain Brook, a.k.a "The Tiny Kingdom". I highly suggest checking this place out. They lost points for not serving any type of cheese bread or appetizer, but quickly made that up by bringing me a sweet tea to go, before I even asked.. big bonus points in my book.

For dinner we hit a new Mexican restaurant called Iguana Grill -- YUM-O. Check it out, for real.

Saturday, we mostly did nothing. Hubby worked on another project that has been incomplete for a year, so it was nice getting that marked off the list.

Sunday, "The Fam" decided to take a 4 mile walk in the 90 degree heat, good exercise, although I thought at one point I was actually going to die!

That's it, other than watching a few movies in between all of the activities, that pretty much sums up our weekend-o-fun. Hope you had a good one too!

*** Side note: I do realize that this post completely sucks, not really sure why I felt the need to share all of these earth shattering events and shameless plugs. I'll do better this week, I promise.

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J said...

It doesn't suck! I wish we'd had such a great weekend!