Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Time Outs? Time To Play!

Ha! Is what her facial expression told me today when I put the Munchkin in her first ever time-out. The Hubby and I were just talking the other night about how fortunate we have been on the disciplinarian side of parenting, so far.

The Munchkin truly is a "good" child. Rarely throws tantrums, does what she is told and, until today she hasn't been very destructive.

While being a good parent and paying her the utmost attention today... um, reading the book for book club tonight, I caught the Munchkin trying to tear pages out of one of her books. I took it away and explained that we have to be nice to our books, we have to be gentle. I redirected her and went back to reading. A little while later, things were quiet (my Mom was right about this never being a good thing) I went to find the little Angel, sitting in the floor vandalizing another one of her books, what the hell?

Does she not understand that in this household things will not be replaced so easily and that we have to learn to respect the things that Mommy & Daddy give us? Money does not grow on trees.. Oh wait, she's 21 months old.. Okay, so I sit her in the chair and explain to her that she is in time out, she squeals with delight, claps her hands and says, Yay!!

No, yay! This is serious business, Ma'am. I explain to her again about being nice to her books and tell her to sit on her bottom. She does for about 2 seconds and then begins flopping around like a headless chicken.

After correcting her again, I begin to think I should set the DVR for Supernanny.

WWJD - What Would Jo Do?

After 2 minutes, I came back around the corner, and explained to her again why she was in trouble. She went down for her nap saying, "No, no, tear books, nice"

Success? To be determined.


la bellina mammina said...

My 19mo is a little terror - He thinks "no" is a game and we have not tried 'time out' on him yet as I know he would just scream his head off.
What we do is tell him 3 times "No" and if he continues to do, we'd smack his bottom.
After a couple of weeks of doing this, he seems to understand now, and I'm looking forward to introduce the Time-out to him instead of just smacking his cute bottom!

Keri said...

I love it! Timeouts for my Stinkerbell were a struggle at first. There was a time when we just COULD NOT get through to her that some undesired behavior just wasn't gonna happen. We put her in timeout at the end of the hall, with the door shut. She'd scream. I wouldn't let her out until she quieted down. This stopped working after a while, so we upped the ante (anty? anti? antie? whatever). We finally resorted to watching a recorded episode of her fave cartoon (Little Bill) very LOUD and laughing very LOUD and talking very LOUD about "look at that Little Bill!" "isn't that Little Bill funny?!?" "I'd bet Stinkerbell would enjoy this Little Bill show!"

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