Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Overcomplicating Things....Again!

All I'm wanting to do is hang a damn Pottery Barn puzzle in the Munchkins bathroom, is that too much to ask?

Because I've been trying to channel my inner Martha Stewart, and mostly because I have this crazy ability to buy things that are going to be discontinued in 30 minutes, I thought I would be all creative and crafty and glue this large floor puzzle (2x3) together, frame it and hang it on the wall. The motif I have going in her bathroom is the ABC theme that Pottery Barn had last year. I bought most of the collection, but wasn't sure what to put on the walls. I decided to stick with the theme and went back to the store to find that it was longer available, I wandered the store in hopes of finding something, anything that would go with the "too much money I had already spent on this decorating project" project. I found the puzzle and had my bright idea.

I've been putting this off for months and finally last week decided to just finish it. I went today to get a frame - I found the exact size, yay me! Of course I get it home and start putting it together to find it's too thick for the frame once you add the puzzle to it, so now I will have to glue the frame around the clear plexi and puzzle, then glue that part to the board with the brackets so that I can hang it on the wall. Confused? Me too!

All of this time, energy and money spent because I'm too lazy and cheap to go and find something else already made!! Ironic.

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Anonymous said...

When you get done, Martha, could you please come do finish my bathroom? Or my walls? Or my foyer?

And could I please have that rug from your living room?