Thursday, July 05, 2007

My Hair Affairs

I finally made a little time for myself and scheduled an appointment to get my hair cut, and my unruly eyebrows waxed.

The first affair that I had today was with the new girl cutting my hair. My previous girl, I really liked. She did a good job, but the prices were so incredibly high, I found myself putting off getting a much needed trim, because I'm too cheap to drop the $65.00 they charged for just a cut. No color, no waxing, CUT ONLY!

The second affair came with the the gay shampoo guy. This one caught me off guard and I'm still not sure if I should admit this fling to the Hubby.

Is a "hair affair" considered cheating? Surly not, he was gay after all.

It all started with a question that I found odd:

Gay Shampoo Guy: Are you tender headed at all?

Me: Um.. No?

Gay Shampoo Guy: Ok, good.....

{{{{Scrubbing Begins}}}}

{{{{Que 70's porn music}}}}

The scrubbing at first was fast a furious, invigorating my scalp. Then slow and gentle, as he began to massage my temples and down the back of my neck, I begin to think I shouldn't be enjoying this quite so much, this just seemed wrong, but it felt so right!

Just as I begin to relax and give in to the goodness that was overcoming me, he started the conditioning process, again fast and furious turns into slow and gentle. Mmmmm, Feels. So. Good.... Wait, what is that? I couldn't happen to notice that my left shoulder was being molested by his, um.. "baby Huey"

{{{{ Needle scratches across the record }}}}

All of this and it's cheaper than the old place?

I feel dirty, so ashamed, yet oddly refreshed.

It was the best damn shampoo I have ever had!


random_mommy said...

Ok. Your hair looked awesome, forgot to tell you that. What's the phone number and name of everyone? I WILL be going there. I'll take a gay Baby Huey on my shoulder for that kind of head rub!

LOVE the 'cue the 70's porn music'!!!

J said...

Ooh, ooooh. Do you think they would just give me a shampoo?

*Yankee Belle* said...

Gay men do a hair good.

*Tanyetta* said...

hair affairs are FUN :)