Friday, July 20, 2007

Look Ma' No Hands

What is it with my child and grossness? She's such a cute little girl. Sweet & funny but completely disgusting.

Adding to the list that started with eating food out of her own "Beebo" the other day, we can add:

Trying to lick the tires on my car,

Eating raisins off the ground at a water park,

Trying to eat her pancake out of the trash,

and my favorite for this week....

Playing with her poop!

I referred to this in my last post about the exciting afternoon I had. I guess I should preface this by saying that Munchkin started this new thing of sticking her hands down the back of her diaper, and just walking around, hanging out like they are pockets or something. We've been catching her, and correcting this, knowing that the time would come when she would actually stick her hands in her own poo. Ack!

I went to get her from the nap she didn't take, to find poop in the bed, up her back, all over her clothes, EVERYWHERE!! The grossest? Under her tiny, little fingernails, Double ACK!

If you are a Mom yourself and reading this, you know the feeling of "Where do I even start?" She's begging me to get her up, I'm begging her not to touch me and trying to figure out just how bad a Clorox bath would be for her skin.

Managing to get her in the bath, scrubbing her close to a new layer of skin. I clipped her already very short little nails down even farther and begin stripping the bed. She stood there watching, making a move for every one of her "loveys" that hit the pile. As I screamed "EWWW, Dirty, No Touch" She watched patiently until her Aubie came over the rails and proclaimed in all of her cuteness..

"OH, MAN".....

My thoughts exactly!


J said...

OMG that is hilarious. As I read I remembered being there every step of the way - poop or vomit. Ewww... well, just remember we're earning our stripes. P.S. I've secretly held on to a can of Lysol for such a purpose as this

Anonymous said...

What is really fun is trying to clean the poop off of the your blinds after the little darling tries to clean his hands on them.

And on the wall.

And on the carpet.

And on every single thing in the room.

And then says "Mommy, I'm stinky."

Grrrr....then they get potty trained and leave you gifts in the living room floor.

I'm a Mom!..? said...

Not looking forward to that -- Luckily she was contained to the crib, it could have been much, much worse!