Saturday, July 14, 2007

Excuses, Excuses.

We had dinner last night with some friends of ours. After a comment that the other Husband made about not "getting enough" and his wife being on her period for 122 days straight..... (Disclaimer applies here.) I got to thinking about the excuses that women, and maybe even a few men use to avoid sex.

First we have the good old fashioned headache... Does this really work? I mean, unless it's a full blown migraine, which you may or may not have to do some background work in creating history on, does this really affect your ability to perform?

Next we have "Aunt Flo"... Again, not really sure why this one works so well. It only gives you a window of around 4 - 7 days and it's easy to disprove if you are lying. A very attentive, "hard-up", if you will, husband, will notice the lack of wrappers in the trash. Plus, not every "avenue" is affected by good ole' Aunt Flo.. if you know what I mean.

The newest ones I have heard are..... Yeast Infection or Hemorrhoid Flare Up. These I think have potential, time frame is open ended, hard to disprove, it only leaves room for the other "avenues" scenario I mentioned before.

So, what excuses do you use? And do they really work?


Anonymous said...

Funny, a good old fashioned NO! always works for me.

After 14 years I no longer feel the need for an excuse!

Don't wanna, don't hafta....

J said...

well, some excuses (when given) merit no further explanation, so they work out just fine. See hemorhhoid and yeast infection.

TK said...

Am I the only person that uses the excuse of headaches and cramps to get some? It really does get rid of them both. :)