Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hand, Foot and Mouth, Oh My!!

My poor Munchkin has been quarantined since Saturday. It appears that she has had a mild case of Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease, which is a very contagious virus that kids can pass around through their spit and poo. I'm praying this came from spit....

I've had her on lock down, and we finally ventured out yesterday to the Dollar Store. I figure she can't spread anything around there that they don't already have. Sorry, I realize this is a stereotype about Dollar Stores in general, they do rock, but, they gross me out, just a tad.

We went to a friends house today to play and make some signs for an upcoming fund raiser, and I must say my patience has disappeared. Mucnhkin was whiny and clingy pretty much the entire time we were there, making the experience stressful and less than ideal for painting signs.

I was so paranoid that she was going to spread some cooties that I felt like I needed to stay and help disinfect all of the toys before leaving..

Being couped up for almost an entire week is not good for this Momma! I usually do have patience, in fact I pride myself on the amount of patience that I have. But somewhere between cleaning up after explosive poops, washing all of the bedding and "lovey's" four times in the past five days, cooking dinner with a toddler on my hip and having Blue's Clues on a repeat play, I've lost it!

I need a refill.

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J said...

Hang in there sunshine! Being cooped up in the house with a toddler is enough to put anyone on edge!