Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Greenlinght for Nookie!

Mom! Check back later!

Went to the Doctor today and was pleasantly surprised at the lack of tasks I had to perform today... No peeing in a cup, no taking of blood, and no exam! I shaved extra for nothing!!!

Doctor came in and gave me the usual "pep" talk, the one I'm sure she has with all of her patients after their miscarriages. She said that none of the lab results showed anything other than just misfortune in the pregnancy, no malignancies or anything out of the ordinary, which is a relief.

Then on to the other good news, it's ok to resume all of your normal "activities", you know, swimming, exercising, oh and SEX!! Yippee! I'm back in the saddle again.. Um, so to speak!

So don't call me. I'll be busy!

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