Monday, June 18, 2007

Damn, Dude

These are the 2 newest words that my Munchkin can say.

I can't say that this makes me proud, especially since I have been lecturing myself lately about my potty mouth. The problem is, that I'm a potty mouth with road rage.

Things have been much better in the road rage department since the Munchkin was born. I now realize that flipping people off, yelling obscenities, and following within inches of their bumpers is not acceptable behavior.

So, today the road rage, potty mouth reared it's ugly head all at once. I was on my way home from a playgroup, I was in the correct lane for getting up on the interstate headed North, when this man, 2 cars in front of me realizes that he needs to be over one more lane to the left to get to the interstate headed South. The problem here was that the he had almost passed the turn lane that was sitting with a red light. No problem! He stops. In my lane, at a GREEN LIGHT!!!! The car in front of me swerves to keep from rear ending him, as I quickly switch lanes to avoid doing the same. I blew my horn and shouted "Damn, Dude" -- Munchkin responds "Damn, Doo"

That's just great! I'm sure she will be more than happy to tell Daddy what she learned today.


Anonymous said...

We keep waiting for Aidan to drop the f-bomb on his Nana, but he is yet to cuss at all. I'm sure that by the time we get through potty training, though, he will have aquired quite the vocabulary!

J said...

That's wonderful. Maybe Tooty and Munchkin can play the "Guess what new word I know" game!

*Yankee Belle* said...

Oh crap. ~B