Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Call A Spade A Spade.

I feel like such a grown up, not that having a child doesn't make me feel grown up. But tonight I went to dinner with a friend who's friendship had fallen by the wayside.

I did something that pissed her off, many, many months ago. Things got awkward because our personalities are both non-confrontational, to say the least. It got weird, and I put it off because it was easier. Finally she stepped up and took the difficult initiative to repair the relationship.

I was contemplating divorce. How do you end a friendship at this age? When we were in high school we would get pissed off and not talk, say something catty in the year book and move on to the next clique. Now, there are too many people involved, children, husbands. Friendships are investments, and not something you want to give up on easily.

My new resolution, although I don't make resolutions, is to be a better friend, to be honest and to return most all of my phone calls (I hate talking on the phone, she hates the computer, there will be some conflict)

I am an adult, why can't I just be honest and tell people how I feel. Why am I so afraid that the truth will hurt someones feelings, or piss them off?

So to all of my friends, please don't take it personally if I just want to hang out at the house and not go to the park. I'm trying something new, I will no longer do things because I feel obligated, or guilty. I will do them because I want to.

Random Mommy
, you are my Hero -- You are so good at this, I swear you ccould even tell someone to go to hell and they will still love you. I need this ability!

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