Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Air, Tires & Vaginas

Not sure what all of these have in common? Spend a morning in our house and you will quickly realize that like not handling the roaches, I don't put air in my own tires.

Hubby noticed that one of the tires on my car looked low, and told me I needed to get air in it before I went skipping around town to all of this weeks activities.

Right! I had to gently remind him that I don't do air in my tires... Remember? The last 2 times we had this problem, I tried to be "Miss Independent" and do it myself, only I ended up letting more air out, than what was going in, then it really was low and he had to go and do it anyway. The second time I was having the same problem, so I went in and begged a stranger in the gas station to do it for me. Not something I want to do now with the Munchkin in tow.

Him: You know this goes along with the whole "being 32 years old thing?"

Me: I think it goes along with the whole "me having a vagina thing."

Him: You really should be able to put air in your tires.

Me: I have a vagina, I don't have too.

Him: Amelia Earhart had a vagina.

Me: Heh?

Him: I'm just saying.. and Madonna, she has a vagina.

Me: HEH?

Him: I say Madonna because I've seen hers, I never saw Amelia's

Me: Are we still talking about tires?

So, in case you are confused about where this conversation went, you're not alone. All I know is that my tire got air, and me and my vagina had nothing to do with it!


J said...

Gosh, I hope Madonna's had nothing to do with it. ewwww...

*Yankee Belle* said...

Isn't this why God created man?! I swear, sometimes they forget their roll in life.

random_mommy said...

I think we should name this phenomena "The Vaginal Exemption."