Saturday, May 05, 2007

The New Generation

It seems that I am old and way out of the loop. Last night we went to The Crawfish Boil downtown, A little festival where there are of course crawfish, adult beverages, bands and lot's of kids hanging out looking like they want to cause some kind of trouble -

That statement alone makes me old.

We were sitting around talking while Akon was on stage. For those of you older and more out of the loop than I am, some of his hit songs include, "Bananza" (Belly Dancer), "Don't Matter", and "Smack That" (wholesome, I know) a song featuring Eminem. Anyway, during the middle of the performance he has the entire audience flip open their cell phones and hold them up in the air, the way we used to do cigarette lighters. I have to ask, am I that far removed to think that cigarette lighters are a thing of the past? Are they only associated now, with the nostalgia that comes along with Free Bird?

When did this happen and where have I been? Part of me understands that things change, but don't these kids know that lighters cause fumes and fumes get you high?


Emma in Canada said...

Hmm...I'm not only old I am totally out of style! I've never heard of that guy, and my cell phone doesn't flip. I'm quite embarassed about it, I won't even use it around people anymore. Unstylish yet vain.

I was a little surprised when I went to see the Dixie Chicks and everyone used their cell phones. The Chicks didn't have to ask though.

random_mommy said...

Free Bird... you're old and southern.

I knew I was old when I referred to teenagers as kids.