Monday, May 21, 2007

Hopped Up On Goofballs

So, I'm home from the hospital, Alive. I'm actually feeling better than I thought I might at this time, but then again I was given a hefty dose of percocete before leaving my "suite" at the "Brookwood Inn"

I must say that outside of feeling like I needed to vomit from the anxiety and nervousness, things went smoothly. My Nurse was super sweet, not the best at drawing blood but very reassuring and helpful, and by helpful I mean she gave me the "pre-drugs" to calm my nerves.

So after sticking me three times to draw blood, and collapsing one of my veins, they put my party hat on and wheeled me into the O.R. -- I saw my Doctor for a split second before the procedure, a man stuck a mask over my face and I was in LaLa Land...

I woke up in the recovery room feeling like I was going to throw up, something about my blood pressure dropping. After getting that stabilized, I started to focus on what was going on around me, and let me just say, I may have been loopy, but no one needs to wake up and see as much, um... let's say "bush" as I saw....All of the nurses wandering from patient to patient "checking" them... And to think someone is probably saying the same about me...

It's a really weird feeling to think that you could have such a procedure done and have absolutely NO recollection of it at all, no idea of the amount of time you were in there, who was there observing or exactly what took place.

So for now, my experience was as good as I guess it could be. Hubby went to the store to get me some pain medication, he came back armed with the newest US Weekly and chocolate in many varieties.. He Loves Me!!

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