Friday, May 25, 2007

Deep Thoughts.. By: Me.

Nothing special just some things that have entered my head today..

1. I love big SUV's - I hate the drivers that can't take 2 seconds to back out and straighten themselves into the parking spot....Grrrr

2. Big, Dancing, Rat at Chuck E Cheese gets on my nerves.

3. 280 traffic SUCKS!!

4. I hate that the floors in my house always have crumbs.. even right after I sweep, swiffer and mop.

5. I love how sweet the Munchkin looks as she is falling asleep in her car seat.

6. I really should talk Hubby into letting me have my housekeeper back.

7. Not having a housekeeper cuts into my fun time (i.e. napping, blogging, catching up on DVR)

8. I should really take the Munchkin over to see her great Grandparents more often.

9. I need to paint my toes.

10. I shouldn't let random dogs lick my child.

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