Sunday, May 13, 2007

America's Next Top Couch Potato

Screw the models on Tyra's reality show, I'm going to be the best Couch Potato ever!!!

I have done absolutely nothing today. I have literally been sitting here watching the Marathon of this seasons America's Next Top Model for about 12 hours!!! I turned it on at about 11:00 am this morning. Munchkin napped, Hubby took Munchkin to the mall for last minute Mommies Day stuff, Hubby brought home dinner, Munchkin went to bed, Hubby bailed and went to bed about an hour ago, and here I sit, still watching this damn show.

What the hell is wrong with me that I can become so engrossed in a show that is completely mind numbing and so void of substance that it makes my head hurt?

I'm a reality show junkie, I need help.

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J said...

I do that with almost any marathon. It's a trap. My sister and I did it a few weeks ago on a Sunday with Run's House. It's depressing. One moment you look up and your like "Ew, I stink. I've been sitting here for hours - in my mu mu." Don't worry about it - and you deserve a true off day like that anyway!