Saturday, April 21, 2007

More Chunks of Love.

For the love of Pete.. when does the vomiting end?

After being completely fine all day yesterday, we decided this morning to take the Munchkin out of the house and all get some fresh air. We headed over to a little festival to meet up with my Sister and her Husband.

We park, go to get the Munchkin out of the car seat when she makes this strange "verpy" noise. I ask (as if she can answer) "Are you ok, baby?" BLECH!!!! Vomit all down her front and in the car seat. This is not good. We are literally standing in someones front yard with a puke covered child.

Again, this whole puke think being new to me/us, we try to access the situation. Luckily Hubby was there to help out, having two sets of hands is definitely an advantage, he stripped her down, and worked on getting her cleaned up with wipes while I got the chunks out the car seat.

After getting home and bathed (again), we are anxiously awaiting our next episode.

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Anonymous said...

We missed you Saturday. Hope Munchkin is feeling better.