Friday, April 06, 2007

Hiding My Pee.

Hubby has decided recently to make some changes to our insurance policy.. if something mysterious happens to me and he shows up in a brand new sports car, be concerned, very concerned.

In order to make these changes, we have to go through all of the initial question and answer sessions about our health, and the health of our immediate family members. We actually look good on paper. Although, Hubby did screw up and mention that he smokes the "occasional" cigar, maybe 5 a year. He was labeled a smoker. This can't be good.

Another part of this evaluation is the blood test and urine sample. If you read my blog you will understand the problems I have with peeing in a cup. The worst part about this was they do this evaluation on site, this site was Hubby's office. We go into the conference room, introductions are made, and a man hands me a cup with two tubes, tells me to pee in the cup, and pour into each tube, half full and throw the cup away. Right.

So, I go walking through Hubby's office to the bathroom, manage to do everything the kind man told me to do, without dropping the cup, or tubes in the toilet. But then it hits me, how am I supposed to walk back through the office, past the reception station with two tubes of pee? This is so gross, I pulled my sleeve down over my hand and started the journey back, warm pee in tubes. I prayed no one would stop to chat. I come through the doors with only one obstacle, the lady who is keeping up with the Munchkin for me. I bypass her and my child and I'm safe, back in the conference room. I hand the man my pee and mention how awkward it was walking through Hubby's office with pee in my hands, he says "better than on your hands"... So true.

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