Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter Bunny Anxiety

It finally happened. My easy going, happy-go-lucky child has officially entered into the separation anxiety stage, where it's all "Mama", all the time.

Yesterday some of my friends and I took the kiddies to the mall to have pictures made with the Easter Bunny. We all knew going into it that which ever one went first could set the tone for the rest of us.. meaning if kiddie number 1 freaked the hell out, they would all freak the hell out... not wanting to be responsible for this, I didn't go first. I also wanted to let Munchkin have time to look at him and kind of gauge her reaction.. I had a really bad feeling going into this that the good times were over on these token pictures, although she didn't freak out with Santa...

Kiddie number 1 did fantastic, in fact she couldn't get enough of the Bunny, she probably would have played there all day if her Mom would have let her. I actually thought Munchkin might be alright after watching her friend do so well. She was playing "pee-pie" with him and reaching for him from the sidelines. It was short lived, I sat her in his lap and freak out in sued.. you would have thought I had thrown her in the lions cage at the zoo or told her she could never watch another Elmo video. She wasn't having it. We tried giving her jelly beans, which she gladly ate at a safe distance, we showed her stuffed animals, nothing worked.

The ladies were really nice and tried a second set of pictures that I think were even worse. To give you an indication of the success of this Easter Picture -- I'm in it and none of us are looking in the same direction.. It's actually quite funny and will be something fun to look back on one day..

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