Tuesday, April 03, 2007


This just might be my new favorite game. My Moms group had our Bunco game last night and now that I think I fully understand the game, it's really alot of fun... I didn't win any money this time, I couldn't even win for being the big loser. Oh well there's always next month.

It's funny to see all of the personalities starting to come out in our group -- These girls are great, and I'm not just saying that because some of them read this blog.....Ha! They really are great and we are having a blast, well at least I am!

I have decided though, that now that Munchkin is in full on sponge mode, repeating everything that I say, I have all of this pent up fowl language just sitting there waiting for a Mom's Night Out, so it can be unleashed.. I'm such a potty mouth.

Sorry Ladies!

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random_mommy said...

Hopefully I don't do this a lot, but if I do... I swear I'll stop swearing around her! I forget... because, ya know, my kid refuses to speak... ha!