Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bring It On, Linda Blair!

Vomit evades me no more. For the first year and a half of my little Munchkin's life, I have somehow avoided the projectile vomiting I had always heard about.

It seems that Munchkin caught her first stomach bug this morning. The poor little thing puked in her crib, and slept in it for who knows how long. I was greeted this morning with a pleasant smell of puke and a side of Munchkin's Smile... puke covered, but still adorable. She was covered in crusty chunks of yesterday's food, raisins, grapes and mac & cheese, MMMMMM!

Since this bodily function is new to me, it took me a few minutes to process the scene. I really didn't know where to start, clean her, clean the bed?

After getting everyone and everything cleaned, we headed downstairs for some juice and dry toast. Munchkin was acting totally fine, playing with her little fridge toys when all of the sudden I hear a splat on the floor, I look down to see that she is spewing, literally spewing all over the kitchen, how does it shoot that far? It's amazing really. I truly thought that at any second her head was going to start spinning.

So the day goes pretty much like described above, only in different parts of the house and with the occasional wardrobe change for us both...

In a strange way, I now feel complete, like a I have earned yet another "Mommy" badge of honor. Snot, Poop, Pee, Spit and finally.... Vomit! I have arrived!

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