Monday, April 30, 2007


This past weekend we participated in the March of Dimes, WalkAmerica. I'm so proud to be a part of this Mommies group. Together we raised over $900.00 for this cause. We totally rock!! Even some of the Hubbies participated, they rock too!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pooping 101

Isn't it bad enough that the Munchkin has to hang out with me while I "do my business?" Do I really need to have a complete audience.

While in the bathroom today, the Munchkin proceeds to bring her stuffed animals into the bathroom one by one, and line them up on the floor facing me. Can you get this mental picture? Do you really want to?

So here I am, like a teacher in front of her class. Complete with Aubie, Vertue, Bear Bear, and of course everyone's favorite class clown, TMX Elmo, who is laughing and rolling around on the floor the entire time. Nothing is sacred with a Toddler in the house.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Start Me Up

My 4-Runner has finally failed me. It's been a great run, almost 104,000 miles and it decided today to leave me stranded for the first time since I've had it.

Maybe it's just tired. Tired from running to and fro. All of the playdates, gym classes, lunch with friends, it has had enough. Although, I personally think that it's just pissed because of the puke from Munchkin this weekend.

Nonetheless after getting it to the repair place, they seem to "think" the starter is going bad. Of course it refuses to duplicate the problem for them, making me look like an idiot for not being able to start my own car. The bad thing about this is, no problem, no fix.... inevitably leaves me stranded again in the near future...

Hello? AAA!!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Things I've Learned

1. 24 hours after a stomach bug is too soon to give a Toddler milk.

This may result in residual Linda Blair type episodes at random, just when you think you are in the clear.

2. Puke is Puke.

Do not be fooled - just because your child is cute, their puke still stinks.

3. Toddlers can puke in buckets.

Give this one a try. Munchkin now knows that if she feels it coming, to look for a bucket, bowl or trash can - this saved me many times over the last couple of days.

4. Sick = Sweet

Sick babies, as sad as it is to see, are the sweetest things ever. Cherish the cuddle time they are willing to give, it's short lived.

5. Puke no longer begets Puke.

I guess it's true what "they" say, it is different when it's your own child.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

More Chunks of Love.

For the love of Pete.. when does the vomiting end?

After being completely fine all day yesterday, we decided this morning to take the Munchkin out of the house and all get some fresh air. We headed over to a little festival to meet up with my Sister and her Husband.

We park, go to get the Munchkin out of the car seat when she makes this strange "verpy" noise. I ask (as if she can answer) "Are you ok, baby?" BLECH!!!! Vomit all down her front and in the car seat. This is not good. We are literally standing in someones front yard with a puke covered child.

Again, this whole puke think being new to me/us, we try to access the situation. Luckily Hubby was there to help out, having two sets of hands is definitely an advantage, he stripped her down, and worked on getting her cleaned up with wipes while I got the chunks out the car seat.

After getting home and bathed (again), we are anxiously awaiting our next episode.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bring It On, Linda Blair!

Vomit evades me no more. For the first year and a half of my little Munchkin's life, I have somehow avoided the projectile vomiting I had always heard about.

It seems that Munchkin caught her first stomach bug this morning. The poor little thing puked in her crib, and slept in it for who knows how long. I was greeted this morning with a pleasant smell of puke and a side of Munchkin's Smile... puke covered, but still adorable. She was covered in crusty chunks of yesterday's food, raisins, grapes and mac & cheese, MMMMMM!

Since this bodily function is new to me, it took me a few minutes to process the scene. I really didn't know where to start, clean her, clean the bed?

After getting everyone and everything cleaned, we headed downstairs for some juice and dry toast. Munchkin was acting totally fine, playing with her little fridge toys when all of the sudden I hear a splat on the floor, I look down to see that she is spewing, literally spewing all over the kitchen, how does it shoot that far? It's amazing really. I truly thought that at any second her head was going to start spinning.

So the day goes pretty much like described above, only in different parts of the house and with the occasional wardrobe change for us both...

In a strange way, I now feel complete, like a I have earned yet another "Mommy" badge of honor. Snot, Poop, Pee, Spit and finally.... Vomit! I have arrived!


A very large part of me is so happy that my child is such a challenge. I'm hoping this means that in some way, we are raising an independent little girl. There is also a small part of me that just says, UGH! I'm tired....

Today my patience has been depleted. I absolutely have none left. I do realize that this is a time for her to learn to express herself, to see how far she can push and extend her boundaries, but if we could just set a little schedule for this, it would be much easier. I would know when to expect it and for exactly how long. Maybe even plan our outings around the scheduled tantrums and fits... Is that asking too much?

We went to lunch and dinner with some friends today - dinner was better than lunch, but I must say I was completely shocked to get an invitation to dinner after the shananigans she pulled at lunch. She wanted out of her seat, she wouldn't eat and my favorite, throwing things across the patio. Luckily we were sitting outside, so maybe we weren't a huge disruption to the other diners.

On the way home, our conversation went like this:

Her: Whaaaaaaaaa!
Me: It's ok, we'll be home in just a few minutes.
Her: Whaaaaaaaaa!
Me: Do you want your juice?
Her: JUICE! Whaaaaaaa....
Me: Here's your juice, baby.
Her: NO JUICE!! Whaaaaaaaa...

{{{{{ Repeat with crackers, Aubie, and Elmo }}}}}

Finally... I turned up the radio and rolled down the windows. Pretending you are a limo driver with that little divider window is a great escape, and surprisingly enough, it worked. Breathe in, Breathe out.....

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I was completely caught off guard tonight by all of my new friends from the Mommy group that I'm organizing -- they are a group of really, tricky, little, women....

They actually tricked me into setting up a surprise for myself, claiming we needed to have and Organizers meeting - I get to dinner and there are balloons, cake, a card and a gift card to my most favorite place to shop -- The Gap!!

Ladies, if you are reading this, you got me!! And you rock!! I couldn't run this group without your help. Thanks for everything....

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Separation Anxiety.

It sucks! Period.

True to her age, the Munchkin is now having full on separation anxiety. I went to the gym the other day with a friend who's daughter is the same age as Munchkin. They have become best buddies, and trouble with a capital T.. Anyway, we dropped them in the nursery and headed upstairs to work out - we were there for about an hour before going back to get them. Please keep in mind that this is not a new experience for Munchkin, rare lately, but not new. As we walk in the door the lady comes around the corner holding Munchkin and informing us that she had just come looking for us because the girls were feeding off of each other, and having quite the pity party... On the outside I was super concerned Mommy, "poor baby, it's ok" but on the inside, I was mortified. Not my child!!! She's always the good one. Never cries and is playful and cute on cue.... What's happened and how long does this last?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

F-I-S-H = S-H-I-T

This is not going to be a post about the pooping habits of fish. Sorry to disappoint.

It's about why my child calls FISH, S-H-I-T. For the longest time I tried to ignore this word coming from her sweet little mouth, thinking she had picked it up when Mommy "accidentally" yelled it at some idiot driver. But the more I tried to ignore it, the more demanding she was with the word.

I finally watched her one day go into the kitchen and stand under the cabinet where I keep the Goldfish Crackers and point while saying "shit, shit" I went over and handed her some crackers and she walked away - happy as a clam.

So, I guess the moral here is, why should I watch my language if she going to come up with these words anyway?... and don't get me started on the way she says "truck"

Monday, April 09, 2007


After a long day of visits to various family members. I proclaimed during dinner last night that I was going to sit on the sofa, watch the Sopranos, and eat Easter Candy until my stomach hurt. I love Easter!

Thank you Easter Bunny!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Hiding My Pee.

Hubby has decided recently to make some changes to our insurance policy.. if something mysterious happens to me and he shows up in a brand new sports car, be concerned, very concerned.

In order to make these changes, we have to go through all of the initial question and answer sessions about our health, and the health of our immediate family members. We actually look good on paper. Although, Hubby did screw up and mention that he smokes the "occasional" cigar, maybe 5 a year. He was labeled a smoker. This can't be good.

Another part of this evaluation is the blood test and urine sample. If you read my blog you will understand the problems I have with peeing in a cup. The worst part about this was they do this evaluation on site, this site was Hubby's office. We go into the conference room, introductions are made, and a man hands me a cup with two tubes, tells me to pee in the cup, and pour into each tube, half full and throw the cup away. Right.

So, I go walking through Hubby's office to the bathroom, manage to do everything the kind man told me to do, without dropping the cup, or tubes in the toilet. But then it hits me, how am I supposed to walk back through the office, past the reception station with two tubes of pee? This is so gross, I pulled my sleeve down over my hand and started the journey back, warm pee in tubes. I prayed no one would stop to chat. I come through the doors with only one obstacle, the lady who is keeping up with the Munchkin for me. I bypass her and my child and I'm safe, back in the conference room. I hand the man my pee and mention how awkward it was walking through Hubby's office with pee in my hands, he says "better than on your hands"... So true.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter Bunny Anxiety

It finally happened. My easy going, happy-go-lucky child has officially entered into the separation anxiety stage, where it's all "Mama", all the time.

Yesterday some of my friends and I took the kiddies to the mall to have pictures made with the Easter Bunny. We all knew going into it that which ever one went first could set the tone for the rest of us.. meaning if kiddie number 1 freaked the hell out, they would all freak the hell out... not wanting to be responsible for this, I didn't go first. I also wanted to let Munchkin have time to look at him and kind of gauge her reaction.. I had a really bad feeling going into this that the good times were over on these token pictures, although she didn't freak out with Santa...

Kiddie number 1 did fantastic, in fact she couldn't get enough of the Bunny, she probably would have played there all day if her Mom would have let her. I actually thought Munchkin might be alright after watching her friend do so well. She was playing "pee-pie" with him and reaching for him from the sidelines. It was short lived, I sat her in his lap and freak out in sued.. you would have thought I had thrown her in the lions cage at the zoo or told her she could never watch another Elmo video. She wasn't having it. We tried giving her jelly beans, which she gladly ate at a safe distance, we showed her stuffed animals, nothing worked.

The ladies were really nice and tried a second set of pictures that I think were even worse. To give you an indication of the success of this Easter Picture -- I'm in it and none of us are looking in the same direction.. It's actually quite funny and will be something fun to look back on one day..

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


This just might be my new favorite game. My Moms group had our Bunco game last night and now that I think I fully understand the game, it's really alot of fun... I didn't win any money this time, I couldn't even win for being the big loser. Oh well there's always next month.

It's funny to see all of the personalities starting to come out in our group -- These girls are great, and I'm not just saying that because some of them read this blog.....Ha! They really are great and we are having a blast, well at least I am!

I have decided though, that now that Munchkin is in full on sponge mode, repeating everything that I say, I have all of this pent up fowl language just sitting there waiting for a Mom's Night Out, so it can be unleashed.. I'm such a potty mouth.

Sorry Ladies!