Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Toddler Diet

I was told by someone the other day how skinny I looked, and asked if I was still working out.. My reply was No, I'm on the "toddler diet"

For those of you with a toddler, you will understand. Here's how it works and thank goodness that it does, seeing as how having a toddler can make it difficult to get to the gym...

The only piece of equipment you need is, well, a toddler. Unfortunately there is about a 2 year waiting period for these, more if you aren't pregnant yet. And it's not something you can used on Ebay, at least I haven't seen any, I have thought a few times about selling mine... Ha, just kidding!

Once you have your toddler, the rest is easy. If you actually have the time to eat a meal that day, let them eat half of everything on your plate, then follow them around either picking up toys or the toddler. Climbing the stairs 100 times each day for laundry, diaper changes, and other misc reasons is an added bonus for leg work. Ride a little horsey also works your legs.

If you are in need of some upper body strength, I suggest lifting your toddler over your head and saying "weeeee" - lower and repeat until arms feel like jelly.

Back and shoulders can be worked by pulling your child off of furniture or picking them up off the floor of Target, Wal Mart or your living room during the middle of a tantrum.

Good Core work can be achieved by wrestling your toddler and sitting on them during diaper and clothing changes.

This I give to you free of charge, if I could just figure out a way to profit from this, I would be rich....

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