Sunday, March 11, 2007

"Lazy Housewife"

I'm so pathetic! My Munchkin is sick and napping. Hubby is out practicing his fly fishing, my house is a wreck and all I can seem to do is catch up on my Desperate Housewives. Thanks to Netflix, I have 3 dvds and I've almost watched them all. Is this so bad? The house is quiet, and all I want to do is NOTHING!!! Oh, and did I mention, I baked a batch of shamrock cookies to eat?

So get a good mental picture of me, in my jammies, eating shamrock cookies, watching my glorified soap opera! What a sight!

I'm a bum!

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Anonymous said...

My grandmother (I'm sure you can guess which one)once told me that the house will always be there and you will have plenty of time to clean after the kids leave home. I didn't listen to her the first time around but when my own little (last) munchkin came along I noticed that my oldest two were almost out of the house (14) & (16). I found myself crying for those lost years spent cleaning. And even though I was never the clean freak that your mom has always been, you can tell by the way my house has looked for the last 12 years that I finally listened the very wise advice given to me many years ago. I happen to know that you are a wonderful mommy and quite an amazing person to begin with so you should not feel guily about those rare moments when you want to do nothing. You deserve every "free" second you get.