Monday, March 26, 2007

Bedtime Blues

What has happened to my good sleeper? My Munchkin used to be the best sleeper and would fall asleep with no problems.

As I sit here and post about this she is screaming her head off in her room and my heart is breaking. I know that this is a little faze that she is going through and is most likely being amplified due to her teething and allergies. Having to pry her off of me, is not something my emotions can handle. Her little arms around my neck and legs wrapped around my waist, her tiny little voice saying over and over "no mama, no, no" as I try to put her in her bed is killing me!!!

I've been about to give in for the last 30 minutes, but Hubby is being strong. I know that we have to stay consistent, and that it will pass, just like all of the other "interruptions" in her normal behavior. It's just getting harder now that she can talk and manipulate.

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random_mommy said...

we have this same thing!! it's so nice to know your kid is normal...
this happens to us about once every few months, but never lasts more than 5 days-ish... okay, maybe a week.