Thursday, March 15, 2007

$40.00 Shoes, $6.00 T-shirt

This disease can also be called, "A Mother's Sacrifice"

What has happened to me? And all of my Mommy Friends for that matter. It seems that we now have this problem when it comes to shopping for ourselves. We would rather and almost always choose to purchase new things for our children, while we scour the discount racks and bargain bins for 1/2 price t-shirts, or anything at all to call our own.

Track suits and sweats are the standard attire for most play dates, while the kids are all dolled up in their BabyGap, Oshkosh and Kelly Kids. I kid you not when I say that my wardrobe these days is poor, it's dismal in fact. Just the other day while out shopping, I purchased the Munchkin a $40.00 pair of Strasburg slippers to go with her flower girl dress. I tried to borrow shoes for this one occasion, but nothing fit. On the same day I managed to find myself a t-shirt that was marked down to $5.98.... I bought it, how could I not?

I also missed the opportunity to purchase myself a new pair of black dress shoes. I have a built in excuse, I really need something to go with the outfit I plan on wearing to the rehearsal dinner. All I had to do was find a pair that I liked, not a problem. I just couldn't seem to shake the price tag of the Munchkins new shoes while I was out shopping for me.... I would see really cute shoes for $55.00 and all I could think about was how much I could buy the Munchkin with that money.


5 packs of onesies -- She has outgrown her 12 month, plus it's time for short sleeves.

1 3/4 pairs of PediPeds -

25 bows for her hair -

A Pottery Barn Easter Basket - which I bought anyway

Lot's more spring/summer clothes -

Not to mention all of the other miscellaneous crap I'm sure I could fill my cart with in one quick trip to Babies R Us....

Maybe someone should start a support group....

Hi! I'm Angie and I'm a track suit wearing, spends all if the money on my child - a - holic.

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