Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Day O' Love

Call me cheap if you want to, cynical even... but in our household we don't really celebrate this "holiday". We are only allowed to hand make our Valentine cards and are allowed absolutely NO GIFTS!!!

If you want to show me that you love me, send me a card on the 2nd Tuesday of June or flowers on the 1st Friday of April... Why wait for some calendar and a plethora of retail stores to tell you that February 14th is the magical day of love???

Sorry, if I have now ruined your day of happiness and all things sugar coated and dipped in chocolate, don't mind me. I'm just one little person that boycotts the card aisle and floral dept of the local grocery stores.

Who knows, maybe things will change as the Munchkin gets older, but for now I like the way we do things, and why not pass this down as a tradition? It will make future boyfriends very happy!!

Happy Day O' Love to you all!!!

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