Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Guys: So Stupid!

This past weekend in Nashville, was my first night out in a bar with the girls in a while. It still kind of amazes me how stupid some guys are -- they really have NO GAME whatsoever!! It's sad, really.

We had our share of losers coming by the table all night, the ones that would most likely hit on a bar stool if they thought it had a vagina.

Hitting on a group of girls in a Bachelorette party, should be easy. The fact that we were wearing lays around our necks should be enough of a conversation starter that they don't have to even think really hard about what to use as their lead in...
"Oh, you got laid"... Not original, but easy.

Some would come by and say something like:

Don't do it -

Marry me instead -

He's a lucky guy -

Then we would have some come by and say "So, you're getting married?" "cool" and just stand there like a dork and finally wander off.

We had one guy try to convince us that he used to be a stripper, when I asked his stage name, he replied, "Big Unit".....Ummmm.... No!

Next, some guy who drove 17 hours from Salem Mass, for a conference... the least I could do was dance one song.... Ummmm.... No!

Next, a guy from Detriot, he was actually somewhat normal, but wanted to give each of us a kiss and take our picture, no doubt to make up some story about us when he returned home to his friends.

Finally some guy who was nice enough to buy my sister a double shot of Patron Tequila, and try to convince us that we could come back to sleep at his house if we needed a place to go, Ummmm..... Hell No!

Luckily that was the shot that did my sister in, and we headed back to the hotel for penis cake and drunken laughter..... Good Times!!!

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