Wednesday, January 31, 2007

When In Rome, (or Publix)

Many of you with children may be familiar with the Publix cookie policy - most stores do this now, I think. But if you go in, and go to the bakery the kiddies get a free cookie to keep them quiet while you shop.

I was standing at the cookie counter waiting patiently for our free cookie, when I just so happened to see a Chocolate Chip Yo-Yo Cookie - A "Doozie" to the lay person. I have always had a special place in my heart for these little gems. It's a cookie, it's a sandwich, it's sooo tasty!

My addiction began when I was working retail at the mall, and the only place open early, before the stores opened, was the cookie place just down the way -- every morning, I would go down there, get me a Doozie and a large coke (they had crushed ice too), and yes, for breakfast. Did I mention I was 19 and weighed about 100 pounds? I could eat whatever I wanted, no worries or cares in the world...

A few weeks ago after my empty puff taco dinner, I made hubby take me over to the mall, and get a Birthday Doozie, all they had were the little ones, so I got two.

Since my new healthy eating plan was shot at about 11:00am today, at a birthday party, where I ate chips, sausage balls, brownies, chicken nuggets, cookies and whatever else there was for me to get my hands on, I decided to finish the day strong....I broke down, did I mention it is also dipped in chocolate?

So please excuse me, Netflix sent my new Jennifer Aniston movie (Oooo, la, la,) before you even ask, I still love her... Team Aniston rocks!! Munchkin is down for the count, Hubby is playing poker and there is a Chocolate chip yo-yo calling me from downstairs.....I'm out!

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