Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What am I?

It seems that as I get older, my views on life and politics are changing. Did I vote for Bush? Yes. Do I regret that decision now? I think I might. I can hear my family freaking out across town right now, but I'm not sure what I believe in anymore. I mean, I think I may be a Conservative Liberal, or Liberal Conservative, isn't that what they call a Moderate? I still feel that some of my main beliefs are here, for instance abortion, no way, no how. A women's right to choose is the choice to put yourself in the situation to get pregnant in the first place, why should an innocent life have to suffer for your mistake?

The morning after pill? Glorified Abortion, in my opinion... Anyway, there are many levels to this argument and I could post on just this topic. But there is now apart of me that thinks the Government should mind their own business.

Why can't 2 people that love each other have a marriage recognized as a "marriage" if they are of the same sex? Do I believe in homosexuality? Not really, but I also believe that it's not my business. If Munchkin comes home one day and says that she is in love with another women, I'm not going to try and force her to believe the way I believe, she will be and is already her own little person. She has to make choices for herself and I will love and accept her, no matter what....

The President will speak tonight about sending more Troops into Iraq, this better be good. I feel that this war has been a complete disaster, with far more casualties then expected. It seems that the longer we stay the worse things get. Completely cut funding? Not sure if that's the answer. Cut funding for additional Troops? My verdict is still out...

Ok, Mr President. Impress me!

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