Sunday, January 21, 2007

Superficial Gym Witch

It's not like my gym is the most "prestigious" gym in the city, in fact it's probably one of the most "un-prestigious" ones around. The kind that pretty much reeks of B.O. and farts, and practically resembles a senior citizen center, with all of the elderly sitting around drinking their coffee, and working out in their polyester pants with REALLY white sneakers. It's fine though, I'm comfortable there, I can get in and get out. I don't have to worry about what I'm wearing or how I look. I'm going to be getting all sweaty for Pete's sake, why bother? I say all of this to explain why this girl I came in contact with today was so noticeable. Matching little outfit, hair done, and full on makeup.. Again, why bother? Well, I can tell you, she is one of those gym goers that is not there to sweat, but to merely notice and be noticed.

While running in the treadmill, this girl whom we will lovingly refer to as the "Superficial Gym Witch" (SGW for short) hopped onto the machine next to mine, she immediately started peeking over to see what my settings were on - who does she think she is? She was already thinner than me, do I really need to have her checking out my progress, seeing if my speed is faster or slower than hers, the incline higher or lower... I try not to be bothered by this and crank up the tunes on my ipod a little and try to ignore her.. Then with her treadmill still running, SGW hops off and heads over to the magazine rack, picks out a magazine and jumps back on the treadmill, again she looks over, checks me out, then the lady on the other side. Running, running, she hops down again... treadmill still going, she goes this time for a cup of water from the fountain. Now I can do that all day I think. No real commitment to excercise necessary. She comes back, stares at me some more, looks around at the other people, then she starts checking herself out in the mirror mounted on the wall BEHIND us!!!! What is up with this chick? Is she just that insecure? So as I finish my run, I slow the treadmill down to cool off and as I hop off, I take a peek over at her settings, look at her and smile, I was going faster, my incline was higher and I burned more calories, so there.

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