Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Never Wake a Sleeping Baby

"They" say you should never wake a sleeping baby, and most of the time I would have to agree with "them" - whoever "they" are.
But, tonight, Hubby is out of town, I'm bored and want someone to cuddle with. Is that so bad? To cuddle with my sweet Munchkin? I know this only sounds good in theory, because as I soon as I get her downstairs and try to settle in for the night, it will go something like this...

Me: Night, Night sweet girl
Munchkin: WHACK! upside my head
Me: Be still baby, it's time to go to sleep
Munchkin: EYE? poke
Me: Ouch honey, yes that's Mommy's eye, go to sleep
Munchkin: Ma Ma?
Me: Yes baby?
Munchkin: Maaa, Da Da..
Me: Shhhhhh
Munchkin: Aubie?
Me: Aubie's right here, now lay down.
Munchkin: WHACK! upside my head
Me: Alright, this has been fun, you are going back to your bed.....

Maybe I just talked myself out of this terrible decision!

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